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Bring your family and join us for a special FREE screening of "STRAWS" by Linda Booker!   P3 is proud to join forces with three other great Westport environmental groups -- Sustainable Westport, Wakeman Town Farm & Earthplace -- to present this special screening of Linda Booker's award-winning mini-documentary "STRAWS."  The 32-minute film-screening will be  followed by a panel-discussion with  local students and adults. The goal of the evening is for families to leave with specific ways to reduce plastic waste in their home, and help end the scourge of plastic pollution in our community!   

       Space is limited!   Reserve your free tickets now.  (Event intended for parents & children 5 yrs and over to attend together).

THURS, MARCH 28th @ 6:30pm




   *Film starts 6:30pm sharp.  Discussion to follow.   (Evening concludes approx 7:45pm).  FREE - reservation required.


Westport's Plastic Pollution Project (P3) is born in 2019!

On January 4, 2019, Westport residents Andrew Colabella, Ashley Moran, Greg Naughton, Liz Milwe & Wendy Batteau inaugurated THE PLASTIC-POLLUTION PROJECT with a SOLD-OUT benefit event at Fairfield Theatre Company’s “Stage One” in Fairfield, CT.   “P3” announced their campaign to combat plastic pollution in our community by focusing primarily on the wildly harmful effects of SINGLE-USE PLASTICS.  P3 intends to raise awareness of the problem, to educate our community about alternatives and solutions, and to advocate for local legislation to curb the most harmful sources of plastic pollution.  In addition to more upcoming “awareness/education” events and pr efforts, P3 announced an education program that will invite local school children to develop a “plastic-pollution solution” presentation for local businesses and restaurants with the goal of dramatically reducing their plastic waste.

Thanks to all who attended and supported P3s inaugural event —including the half a dozen other local environmental groups who presented in support of the event, and The Sweet Remains who put on a great concert to cap off the evening with special guest-appearances that included Tony-award-winning singer/actress Kelli O’Hara and a chorus of local school children who brought the sold-out audience to their feet with a rousing version of “What A Wonderful World”!

Please explore this website to learn more about P3s mission and programs — and help us stop plastic pollution here in our community!  If you’d like to volunteer or make a tax-deductible donation to help fund our all-volunteer efforts, please see the links below to act now!


“Single-Use-Plastics” include Plastic bags, straws, coffee stirrers & lids, water & soda bottles, “to-go” boxes, most food packaging— and all plastic products designed primarily for single-usage.   In the case of straws alone, it is estimated that Americans use 500 MILLION PLASTIC STRAWS EVERY DAY!   And because plastic straws are generally un-recyclable and virtually never biodegrade, they instead wreak permanent havoc on our environment.  Even with more readily recyclable plastics, only about 9% are ever successfully recycled.  We may actually “litter” more plastic than we recycle— and all that remaining plastic debris (roughly 79%) ends up contaminating our municipal waste-stream.  Most of it clogs up landfills, eventually sloughing off into the world’s great pollution sink, the oceans, where it eventually breaks-down into “micro-plastics” that sicken and kill marine life and contaminate our food chain.  Even in communities like Westport where our general waste is incinerated, the resulting “ash” waste remains some 10 to 17% of the original bulk-waste—  but is now a highly toxic concentrate that must be carefully contained in special landfills.  Any mishandling or accidents with this waste (or its exhaust) puts people and wildlife in grave danger.   As the saying goes, a pinch of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  So while improving our “recycling” and “reuse” efforts remains vitally important, it is the “REDUCTION” of our plastic waste that demands urgent action.   Waiting for our industry and federal legislators to solve this problem has proved foolhardy.   We must take meaningful action LOCALLY right now.   And the good news is— we CAN!  Supporting & promoting that action here in Westport and our surrounding communities is P3’s purpose and guiding mission.  Please help us stop Plastic Pollution right here at home!  (Learn more ABOUT US)



P3 is pleased to have EARTHPLACE, the Nature Discovery & Environmental Learning Center in Westport, CT as its fiscal sponsor.  Earthplace is a 501(c)(3) public charity which affords P3 the ability to receive fully tax-deductible donations.  If you'd like to donate to help us combat plastic pollution in our community you can make a donation by credit card right now (link button below)-- or you can mail checks payable to:

"EARTHPLACE, INC." and be sure to write "for P3 Grant" in memo line.  

Mail to: "P3", 606 Post Rd East, #481, Westport, CT 06880.

  *Include your return address or email to receive tax-deduction confirmation letter.   Any amount helps!

Thank you!


THANKS FOR VISITING! ...more events about to be announced this month-- check back soon!

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